Giscours… Inner Peace

Like the Shindo WE300B Single Ltd. amplifiers and Monbrison preamplifier, the Giscours preamp has been in continuous production, evolutionary refinements aside, for years.

Each preamp and amp is the best Shindo-San can tailor around a particular set of tubes within a circuit uniquely his.  He maintains and supports his beliefs in that circuit and design for years.  ‘Mk2.1 SE, Silver (Signature Gold)’ editions are not released 6 months after introduction, just to maintain market presence like most other manufacturers (sorry, I digress…)

Shindo has been identifying his second to the top of line preamp, Giscours, since 1986.

Coincidently, this was the International Year of Peace as designated by the United Nations.  Of course, I believe the introduction of the Giscours had something to do with this.  Hehe!

I am officially designating the Giscours as a bona-fide classic product, like the WE300B Single Ltd.

Describing how music sounds through the Giscours preamp transcends audiophile hyperbole, which is all too easily tossed around.

The Giscours is the model above the incredible Vosne-Romanée, itself an incredible preamp and etching it’s own place in historical products, for those in the know.

Massive output transformers, select components and specialized circuitry  – create the highly realized sound we have come to know from Shindo Labs.  Refined vinyl playback circuitry is maximized with the built in step up transformer (the best way to increase gain and sonics of moving coil cartridges.)

Giscours will be the centerpiece of your system for decades.

8 thoughts on “Giscours… Inner Peace

  1. The Giscours a “classic”? A modest rating (a Matt tendency) I would say. How about a “ne plus ultra” rating — except there’s that pesky Petrus still holding the high ground? Would someone who has owned both please report how much better the Petrus is, ’cause right now listening to an old LSC recording of Piatigorsky, I’m having a tough time believing there’s anything beyond this beautiful music maker…

    BTW, second photo down I think is one of your luscious best Matt…


    1. Hey Steve, thanks for the kind words regarding the photos, appreciate it! I have to save the ‘ne plus ultra’ rating for the Petrvs. 🙂 Petrvs brings you closer to the performance, as hard as that is to imagine. Or, is that brings the performance closer to you? There is a additional layer of musical cues and tonal beauty brought forth with the Petrvs.

      1. Steve & Matt, I have not yet experienced Giscours but am delighted for Steve’s experience as he continues to move up the line. Of course, I could not agree more with his comments about the photography and likewise the sense of “…can Shindo do even more?” Great to read that you enjoy classical music, too, Steve. And Matt, you always weave the words and photographs so cleverly and often with poignancy.

        BTW, my wife and I just enjoyed a wonderful week in Santa Fe listening to live music, eating, walking, viewing art and photography, and meeting friends. Did think of you both while meandering through our days there.


  2. As a very satisfied owner, I would classify the Giscours as “heirloom quality”. Thanks Matt for guiding my Shindo journey!

  3. Hi Matt,
    Gorgeous gear and great pictures as always!

    I’ve seen pictures of a two-chassis Giscours, do you know when Shindo made the change to current design?

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