High Density

Beautiful Sapele, model HD3S

The ever popular, elegant, Box Furniture will now be produced with a center support for equipment that demands it.  It is now called the ‘High Density’ line.

This new vertical post support is applicable for the 3 shelf and 4 shelf double wide units.

Please inquire for pricing.

Photo courtesy Box Furniture.

~ by pitchperfectaudio on September 13, 2011.

6 Responses to “High Density”

  1. Matt,
    I sure have enjoyed my system even move sense I put my equipment on the Box Furniture. I’m sure for certain setups the new design will be helpful.

    • Hey Jack,

      Yep, your setup is perfect for the BOX stand you own. We’ve had some requests for heavier items on the top shelf, hence this new HD line.. For most customers, though, the standard line is ideal.

  2. Matt,

    Any chance, Antony will offer these in custom or other finishes? Also, saw a picture of a really nice custom Box furniture rack for Michael Lavorgna once.

    Cheers, Rene

    • HI Rene,

      Sure, if you need the support wider, deeper, or another stain, it can be done. Even another wood species – besides the Sapele or Anigre – would be do able for an upcharge.


  3. Two shelves, lower, and wider would look great ;)

    … may need the middle support column in that case though.


    • I’m sure Anthony can accommodate you.. Sounds like you want a two shelf, double wide. Doubtful you would need a middle vertical support, unless it is wider than stock width of 43.5″..


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