New Kids in Town

Pitch Perfect Audio is excited to introduce the new Lafite Loudspeaker, from Shindo Labs.

Design brief: An efficient (96db/8Ω) full range Shindo 8″ field coil driver integrated within a unique cabinet .  The Shindo field coil power supply completes the tidy package.  Dimensions: 365mm(14.5″) W  x 1000mm(39.5″) H x 450mm(17.75″) D

Lafite in Teak Wood

Lafite is perfect for those seeking Shindo loudspeakers for smaller rooms or where the  Shindo Petite Latour (12″ woofer w/high frequency horn) would be prohibitive in size or cost.

Contact me for further information, such as price and availability.

Photo courtesy Shindo Labs.  Higher quality images to follow once I receive my demonstration pair.

9 thoughts on “New Kids in Town

  1. I like how Shindo san is making smaller speakers for people who do not have a big listening room. Looking at the dimensions, the Lafite is only slightly narrower than the Latour Petite correct? …..

  2. It’s very cool how many single-driver speaker options you have now: SoloVox, Line Magnetic, and now the Lafite. It is also exciting to see Shindo produce a less expensive speaker. It makes my dreams seem a bit more plausible 🙂


  3. Out of curiosity, what’s the price range? Is this something that is still in the $20K range? And where do they fit within your assembly of speaker options? It seems to me that there’s a lot of competition in the $15-25K range, so I’d be curious where these fall.

    Just curious…

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