Continental Divide

A green sign.. Music... good Karma!

Howdy all.  Just arrived home from an epic road trip from California to Arizona, New Mexico and on through to Houston, Texas.  My primary goal was to personally install a full Shindo Labs setup.  Admittedly  the 1,400~ mile trip was a long one, but it was a good excuse to see more of the country, road trip style.

Call it wanderlust, I suppose.  I relate to that subtle restlessness and ache for distance beyond the evening dusk and orange illuminated mountain peaks.

The earthy murmur of distant sounds and texture of new surrounds resonates well with me.

Journey is as important as destination
Wind in my face, sun at my back..

On to the system…

First off, un-crating and hauling it all to the listening room is half the battle! 🙂

This incredible music making system is, first off, supported by the LignoLab Equipment Support, the foundation of this setup.   Electronically it is composed of:  Shindo 301 Player System, Auditorium 23 Hommage Step Up Transformer, Acoustic Plan Vadi CD Player, Shindo Pétrus Preamplifier, Shindo WE300B Single Ltd. Amplifiers, full Shindo Interconnect and Speaker Wire,  Shindo 604 Field Coil (in Latour sized cabinets) Loudspeakers.  Dual Mr. T’s round out the set up.

This location was chosen partly due to constraints within the room, but most importantly, on the customers preference for a certain type of musical reproduction with speakers closer to the wall. I dig it. The Shindo 604's excel in rooms such as this.

Sonically, it worked out just great. A large L shaped couch resides at the right, rear corner.  On the left side of this system, resides additional cabinets and seating.  The setup sounded incredible when all was said and done – effortless, bold, visceral- and with an overall realism, presence and subtly that other systems only hint at.

The delicate dance
The mighty Pétrus
Shindo Labs WE300B Single Ltd... A Masterpiece
...Shindo Field Coil 604, perfect sound, forever...

10 thoughts on “Continental Divide

  1. Hi Matt,

    Nice travel shots, beautiful system! Could you tell us more about the 604 Latour in comparison to the Latour we see in your shop–technically and most importantly sonically?


    1. Thanks Steve,
      The Latour interacts with the room in a different way than the 604 Fied Coil, due to the dispersion of the larger horn in the Latour. The high frequency unit is also different in the Latour. 604 will work better in a nearer field listening setup. Both have 15″ woofers, field coil supplies, and the same cabinet dimensions. They are both extremely bold, visceral, and highly resolving, the 604 perhaps a bit more sparkle, the Latour, having a slightly larger ‘scale of presentation’, due to the different horn. This last part will also depend on system components, and setup more than anything, I feel.

    1. Thanks Jack! The iPhone comes in handy sometimes for quick shots. I always say it’s not the quality of the camera- but the composition, lighting and ability to ‘capture’ the shot at the right time.

  2. Wow! This is the ultimate Shindo drool (or darn close to it)! Over a hundred grand investment there, no? Forget the stock market, enjoy life now! Amazing! Your photography is top notch as always. Where was Music Road? Google map only shows a Music Road in Jewell, OR. As always, you’re showing yourself to be the best audio dealer the U.S. has ever known … personal delivery and setup, half way across the country, impressive. (How did you fit all that into your vehicle?) Be well, and keep up the great work. Now where’s my napkin?

    1. 🙂 Hi Bobby, thanks for the kind words. Music road is actually ‘East’ Music Road on google maps and is in Bowie, Arizona (believe it or not!). I actually have half of the gear shipped direct and half was hauled there. Best, -M

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