G r e e n h a u s !

Announcing the first official pitch perfect audio Greenhaus™ event!

An homage to the Monkeyhaus™ events, first coined by DeVore Fidelity, I just had to do something a bit unique with a multi-facted interpretational vibe for the West Coast!

As a special treat Jonathan Halpern [Tone Imports] and John DeVore [DeVore Fidelity] and Anthony Abbate [Box Furniture] will be visiting my shop specifically for this event. After doing time at CES 2012 they will visit San Francisco for two days to recuperate. 🙂   Dates are as follows…

Sunday, January 15th, 2012, 5-9pm~

DeVore loudspeakers specifically will be installed for musical enjoyment through a variety of electronics on this night.  We’ll have the 3XL, Orangutan O/96 and quite possibly the first pair of NEW DeVore Gibbon X’s, fresh from CES!  Electronics will be a mix of Well TemperedLignoLab & Shindo Turntables, EMT phono cartridges, AcousticPlan digital, LM Audio integrated amps, Leben and Shindo tube electronics.

Monday, January 16th, 2012, 6-9pm~

A flexible night in regards to speakers – A mixture of loudspeakers, such as LM Audio 755 (with LM cabinets) will be used most of the evening with aforementioned electronics. We may even pull out all the stops and play the big Latours.

Feel free to bring some of your favorite vinyl or silver discs!

Hang out with other like-minded folks for a bit and unwind after a long weekend.  What better days to kick off a new work week (and new year)?  Music, food, drink, good company and relaxed vibe will be had by all.  Perhaps a smidge of debauchery as well. 😉

Space is limited.  Please RSVP via email which day(s) you are able to attend.  Feel free to come both nights…

[booked] RSVP for Sunday, January 15th, 2012, 5-9pm~

[booked] RSVP for Monday, January 16th, 2012, 6-9pm~

[Please watch this post for openings/event details/time adjustments]

16 thoughts on “G r e e n h a u s !

  1. Hi Matt, It sounds like you guys are certainly bringing in the New Year right, I’m still waiting to hear more about the LM Audio EL 34 and 845 based Integrated Amps. If Jonathan was as insightful enough to bring them into the country there has to be something quite nice about them in my mind. Anyways here’s wishing you, your lovely wife and son a very very pleasant upcoming Hoilday and an ever better New Year, you’ve deserved it. Peace, Oscar

      1. I shall, and thanks once again for opening my mind to all things tubular to say the least. Best of wishes to you and the family. Peace, Oscar.(;/).

  2. Bummed to learn about this the night before. Looks like you guys are already fully booked. I’ve dreamed about hearing some of these pieces for years. Regardless, I rejoice in what will surely be an amazing evening. Enjoy.

  3. Matt, John, and Jonathan,
    What a great get together! Thanks for the excellent sounds and fine tunes. Love the DeVores and Shindo!

  4. Hi Matt, Just wanted to relate that it was a pleasure to meet you, Jonathan and John D! Thank you for a great event! And I look forward to coming in and ‘going-Shindo/Box.’ Cheers.

  5. I really enjoyed talking to John D. and the rest (Jonathan tells some funny stories). Interesting to hear about the home setups, tribulations, triumphs, and opinions of other audio enthusiasts. The refreshments were excellent; your studio is a fascinating Aladdin’s Cave of sparkling delights.


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