Layered Personality

Introducing the latest turntable in the  Well Tempered Labs lineup!

Coined the Versalex, it’s a looker with the handsome walnut veneered baltic ply plinth and new LTD tone arm. Due to it’s nature, wood has natural resonances and is desirable for turntable plinths. I’m continually impressed with the sonics of the current Well Tempered Amadeus, so I anticipate the Versalex to be something special.

Expected to be shipping February~ of this year.  Inquire for pricing.

6 thoughts on “Layered Personality

  1. what a beauty!! I have recently been enjoying the Amadeus….what an absolutely effortless, holographic, organic (ok, I’ll stop) presentation. This thing amazes me every time I put on a record…This new one is making me drool….

  2. I would love to hear more about the new Versalex. It’s incredibly beautiful. Matt, maybe you can post some more thoughts and impressions on it after your Greenhaus! Everything I read on the WT-A makes it sound incredible. I can only imagine what the Versalex delivers!

  3. Veneered baltic ply on mdf board? How much improvement over previous WTL tt’s versus the new Versalex and price point? From an engineering standpoint it may be more of looks over function. We’ll see and keep us posted.

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