Heavy Metal

I continue to be very pleasantly impressed by the musical quality of these new LM Audio Silver Series amplifiers.  Besides having the ‘Mini’ 218 (EL84 tube single ended), 211 (El34 push pull) and 218 (845 SE) on display, I’ve also unwrapped the new 216, an integrated tube amp designed around the KT88 tube.  It’s a beast of a compact amp.  Simply fantastic quality all around – sonics, aesthetics, build quality, ergonomics and features.

Just like the 211, the 216 has a handy triode/ultralinear switch, handy remote control and protective tube cage as standard.

I also eagerly await the arrival of the LM 210 and LM 219 integrated amps – both single ended, using  300B and 845 tubes, respectively.  The LM 219 is the bigger brother of the LM 218 by the way.

To re-iterate a bit on a previous post the lineup is composed of:

Mini 218 EL84 (3w)Single Ended, 211 EL34 Triode(15w)/Ultralinear(32w) switchable,  216 KT88 Triode(22w)/Ultralinear(38w) switchable,  218 845 (22w)Single Ended,  210 300B (8w)Single Ended and the monstrous 219 845 (24w)Single Ended Integrated.

The numbers will be easy to remember with a bit of practice, promise.

Inquire for pricing.

4 thoughts on “Heavy Metal

  1. Simply beautiful! I am sometimes not sure if the products look so good, or you do the products a favor with these beautiful photos 🙂

    My first thought after seeing this photo was…Wonder how it stacks up next to the Leben 6xx series amp/integrated?

    Hope you can share your impressions when you have listened to them a bit.

    1. Thanks Mohan, that is kind of you.

      LM amps are situated in a unique price/performance slot – especially their 845 and 300b amps, so really are not a completely fair comparison to the Leben. They need to be judged on their own merits, I feel. I would say, however, the EL34 and KT88 integrated *aspire* to be like Leben in their sonic qualities.

      Leben takes things up several notches in terms of wide feature set and sonic attributes that may be appealing to some customers.

      The LM amps, on the other hand, may have all the features (ie. remote, which Leben does not have) and sonics that are perfectly suitable.

      The price point of the LM and Leben are such that they will appeal to individuals with different needs, I feel. I totally love both lines. 🙂

  2. The pricing on these amps make them incredibly attractive. How might you compare these to other amps out there? Their price point is pretty sweet. Incidentally, will it be worth trying to roll some NOS into some of these?

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