The Shindo Haut-Brion amplifier has been popular for many customers craving the power, finesse and special traits of the 6L6 pentode tube.  Haut-Brion has recently evolved, deep within the Shindo Laboratories, and we are proud to display the new model at pitch perfect audio. Very cool. 

Boasting 20wpc @ 8Ω it is perfect for most sensibly designed loudspeakers.

8 thoughts on “Evolution

  1. Glad to see Ken is evolving one of my favourite amps 🙂

    Beautiful amp – I love the original version of the Haut Brion. Very interesting to read Art Dudley’s comments on the differences between the Haut Brion versions.

  2. Just like an artist to stir up controversy with changing his work. Ken Shindo, with the masking of his tubes, has shown the world his latest desire, creation, masterpiece. Gone is the glass showcase, replaced by a holey metal shield. Let not what presents itself outside determine and flavor the intricacies inside. Let the sound speak for itself. The artist has spoken. It does not matter what the observer thinks, just that art has been made. To step outside of one’s safety net and what people have come to expect is risky, to which Mr. Shindo says, this is my work. Expose it if you wish, or lock it up in its medieval castle. The sound is the same. Looking forward to more of your inventions, ken. Thanks Matt for showing us all of Shindo’s magic.


  3. Excellent look for the new Haut Brion – I love the sound of my original version. How about Haut Brion mono blocks? That’d be ever so nice!

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