Shindo Lafite

Like a parents watchful eye over their kids at the playground, the larger Field Coil Latour stand proudly behind the latest in the line of Shindo Loudspeakers.

The Shindo Lafite now on demonstration!

Fun, slightly rambunctious, perhaps even a little daring – with gobs of brilliance thrown in for good measure – they are everything you yearned for in an entry point Shindo speaker… and more

Design brief: An efficient (96db/8Ω) full range Shindo 8″ field coil driver integrated within a unique, carefully tuned cabinet.

Beautifully constructed, the field coil driver is Shindo’s own design. The internal Shindo field coil power supply completes the tidy package.

Dimensions: 365mm(14.5″) W  x 1000mm(39.5″) H x 450mm(17.75″) D

10 thoughts on “Shindo Lafite

  1. Matt,

    Love the speakers and system that drives them. First class all the way and the smaller footprint will fit any decor. Nice touch with the tube pic behind the 301. Classic.

    Good Listening,


    1. Hey LIA,
      That is “Krishna Bhatt/Sitar & Zakir Hussain/Tabla” Anything with Zakir Hussain is sure to be enjoyable to listen to….. Zakir has been on so many albums it’s impossible to keep track. He’s one in a long line of great tabla masters I enjoy.

  2. Matt,

    These Lafite are breaking in nicely. It’s amazing how they can completely disappear in a room.

    Looks like you got a brand new Cortese in as well, nice!!

    Next Greenhaus date?


    1. Hey Bill! Glad you are enjoying the Lafite. And is common with single driver speakers the suspension has to break in for a while to match the tuning of the cabinet. They will continue to get even better over time as they age. -M

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