Wall of Sound

Never one to rest on his laurels, Ken Shindo is always striving to develop new and unique designs (which end up in production for years).

Take the Shindo Cortese, for example.  It has been produced for over a decade and has remained one of his most popular and loved stereo chassis single ended amplifiers, which provides 10wpc.

Are you experienced?

Like the Haut Brion, it has recently undergone a few twists in it’s design to bring out even more of the qualities Shindo enjoys in the F2a tube.

Current owners – no reason for audiophile nervosa to set in..  Just like the Haut-Brion, evolutionary design changes engender the previous model especially coveted for those who enjoy them.

Cortese, always on display at pitch perfect!

…A tasty treat, freshly unwrapped from Shindo…

8 thoughts on “Wall of Sound

  1. Readers,

    I just want to say that this amp changed my listening life–along with the Masetto it was coupled to. It gave proof positive to the magic of what I had read about Shindo gear. I gave it up with much hesitation to take advantage of a deal on a pair on GM 90’s, which–thank god–have more magic yet. But the Cortese lead the way and shall not be forgotten!


  2. Matt.
    I always wanted to move to northern California.
    Now I have another reason.
    Let me say, that your blog must win the prize fpr the most beautiful and mouth watering publication on HiFi elegance ever.
    All the best

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