Master Plan

...create your own transcendental experience...

What do you achieve when you judiciously stir a powerful mixture of synergistic analog components together?  The pitch perfect audio LignoLab Vinyl Player System, of course.

Let’s talk about what it all consists of:

A Garrard 301 or 401 Idler Drive Turnable, LignoLab plinth with arm board, and the still produced classics – EMT 997 tone arm and EMT TSD15 moving coil phono cartridge…

Add an EMT OFD15, OFD25, OFD65 phono cartridge for pitch perfect mono LP and 78 music playback.

LignoLab plinth has been in production, literally, for decades.  LignoLab is one of the foremost companies in Europe producing beautiful plinths designed to extract the capabilities of the legendary Garrard 301 and 401 idler turntables.  LignoLab also makes their extraordinary equipment support (as displayed on my website numerous times).

I build up these systems for you- Start with your choice of 301 or 401 Garrard turntables (supplied by you or I), add the appropriate plinth for either table and sprinkle it with expertise and system setup touch

Base setup includes plinth, arm board, EMT tone arm, EMT cartridge, starting at $11,490 + plus cost of 301 or 401.

Plinth is available in Palisander (shown) or Walnut.

Additional options are available, such as upgrade platter/bearing/spindle, A23 or Shindo mat, record weight, upgrade isolation feet and your choice of A23 or Shindo interconnects round out the packages available.  Add a Auditorium 23 Step Up Transformer or the renownedA23 Hommage T1 Step Up Transfomer (now available in an EMT specific version called the T2, btw) and finally see the light within the shadows.

11 thoughts on “Master Plan

  1. Are the shindo platter mats and record weights available to purchase separately? I have a restored 301 with plinth and tonearm but have been interested in the shindo upgrades. I understood that the platter spindle and bearing upgrade was only available with the shindo 301 complete. Can you confirm if this has changed?
    Sweet looking table!

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