The Power Of Two

The new Devore Fidelity Gibbon 88 Loudspeakers are now available!

Replacing the ever popular Gibbon Super 8 was no easy task.  Design brief: A svelte (yes, kind of like a Gibbon) floor standing speaker that painlessly integrates into your living/listening space.  Gibbon 88’s must be driven easily by a wide range of amplifiers, so they need to be efficient with stable impedance.  Most importantly, they need to be fun to listen to!  Mission accomplished.

As you know John has been fastidiously working on all aspects of this new Gibbon series.  They are comprised of  the Gibbon 3XL, Gibbon 88 – and the pending 99 and X model).  Think of it as an evolution in his Gibbon lineup.

Aesthetically these new 88’s are seriously attractive.  Additional photos soon.

Now on display at pitch perfect audio for demonstration.

Come and listen.

Available in beautiful Mink, Mahogany and Cherry finishes in solid Bamboo.

Tech specs: 33Hz-40kHz, 90.5dB/W/M @ 8Ω, 37″ h (not including feet) x 8.5″ w x 13.75″ d

(Photos courtesy DeVore Fidelity)

4 thoughts on “The Power Of Two

    1. They work well in small to large size rooms. My shop is 17 x 40 – although the speaker setup is about 12 ft from the listening position, give or take. In a small room, there will be less ‘movement’ in which they are capable of sounding their best, of course. This pertains to most speakers in a small room. Their two way design lends themselves to ease of setup and their floor standing design parameter allows them to create a full, rich sound. Leben CS300 sounds great with them.

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