“Does it Matter?”

…The musically illuminating Well Tempered Versalex Turntable with A23 Hommage Mat…

No, not the Alan Watts essay of 1970.

I speak of the the Auditorium 23 (A23) Hommage Turntable Mat, of course.  A great addition to your turntable – especially if your table comes stock with a basic foam mats, that could potentially cause static cling headaches.  Additionally, the A23 mat’s are infinitely better than the ghastly original mats on stock Garrard, Thorens or other vintage type tables.

A23’s dense, yet light, material provides a gentle foundation for your vinyl records and is sonically conducive in bringing forth best in your music.

Consider the A23 mat one of the many quality ingredients necessary for  vinyl playback.  Yes, it matters.

A23 also produces the Standard Turntable Mat, which is slightly thinner and made of a different material.  Works well on tables where VTA is not easily adjustable.

In stock now – inquire for pricing.

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