In my childhood home I grew up listening to music through EL34 tube based amps, the qualities of which have subliminally etched a deeply meaningful spot in my aural memory.  Interestingly enough, I wire up my Shindo Corton-Charlemage amps – time and time again – when I am at the shop requiring a dose of strong music.

A few quick notes from my customer Billy and Greg, themselves proud new owners of a Shindo Labs Corton-Charlemagne EL34 mono amps…

“Hey Matt, Just a note to let you know how the ‘CC 34s’ sound.  It has been 3 months now and I’m not sure they have completely settled in as the sound just keeps getting better an better.  I’m listening to Paul Desmond and Gerry Mulligan(“Two of a mind”) right now and this has to be as close as listening live as I have ever been…Great amps!…also Received the Vosne-Romanée  in excellent fashion.  I absolutely love it.  The phono stage is just superb.  This is the preamp I have been looking for.

Thank you,

Thank you Billy! – I always appreciate the feedback.

Ahh, another one from my good customer Greg L, in Hillsborough, California..

“Matt, I am really enjoying the CC 34s and really the entire set up. I cannot thank you enough for all of your help. It really is an incredible system and I cannot seem to get enough listening time in.


Greg enjoys the Shindo Masseto Preamp, Rega P9, EMT TSD15 Phono Cartridge, A23 SUT, Shindo Mr. T & Interconnects, A23 Speaker Signal Cable driving a pair of the outstanding DeVore Fidelity Silverback Loudspeakers.  Sweet!

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