Relatively new to the LM (Line Magnetic) line of products is the LM 755EX Loudspeaker System. We debuted these speakers at my Greenhaus event back in January to great applause – especially by those who appreciate single driver designs. Handsomely finished, their aura will certainly resonate with many of you.

The included cute ‘n’ compact LM Audio PR-3 300B Field Coil  Supplies energize the single LM 755 field coil driver tucked within the cabinet.

Field Coil designs are characterized by their wholly engaging and immediate musical presentation. The LM 755EX speakers have an honest, organic and palpable musical quality.

See?  Cool stuff like this still exists in the world of HiFi.

Here at pitch perfect audio we don’t settle for ‘run of the mill’ within our product line up.

I encourage you to make an appointment today to come and listen.  Inquire for pricing.

5 thoughts on “Freewheelin’

  1. I have had these speakers for three weeks now and have close to 100 hours on them. Running them with a Masseto/Cortese combo, having moved on from an old pair of Altec Valencias.
    Anyone with shindo equipment owes it to themselves to hear these speakers.
    They are simply phenomenal with all types of music. I was worried that a single driver system would not work with rock and larger scale music. The fear was misplaced. Dont know if its the driver, the enclosure, the filed coil or what but these speakers have the purity and seamlessness that you would expect based on their topology but sound like a relatively large three way when the music calls for it.
    Cant speak highly enough of them and from what i understand they are still breaking in.

    1. Jay, thank you for your enthusiastic comment! Very happy to hear that you are enjoying your new speakers-

      Yes, they will take several hundred hours to fully ‘break in’. However, it should be an enjoyable ride.


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