Giant Steps

…workmanship of the highest order…

My customer Roger and I were enjoying a long tasty smorgasbord of music listening at the shop last month – while moving up the line in preamps.  Feeling we were at the threshold of what he was striving for, sonically, we simply settled in and listened to a full album (we enjoyed Townes Van Zandt Live at the Old Quarter. )

You know you are listening to the music and not the equipment at the point you stop doing A/B comparisons, analyzing graphs, pie charts… and simply start feeling the music…  (yes, I am looking at you guys hiding behind your iPhone spectrum analyzer software)…

Back to my customer..

“Matt:  I have been immersed in music throughout the weekend and am staggered by the performance of the [Shindo] Masseto.  It exceeds and is different from my expectations.  Its most salient characteristic is how revelatory it is of music and recordings.  I want to listen to my entire collection again, no small undertaking.  I listened to old and familiar plus new recordings, primarily on vinyl.

What has struck me from my first listen to Shindo gear was how revealing it is, present would be the term.  In my system, my focus shifted from recording to recording.  In some cases, pace seem to dominate.  In others, attack and decay of the notes.   This shift seemed to be driven by the music itself and the recordings…

…So, the Masseto is one giant step forward and makes me long for an all Shindo system.  I am not certain what is next for me but plan to live with the Masseto for a very long time…. – Roger”

Always appreciate the feedback – thank you Roger.

One thought on “Giant Steps

  1. Hi all,

    It’s always great to hear all these good news from you guys out there on this page/blog. Shindo preamps are definitely something special. You can’t go wrong with either of them.

    It’s just a shame that I have huge troubles to get ’em in Switzerland…

    Enjoy it – you can be very proud of this purchase. Guido

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