He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother

O/93 photo courtesy DeVore Fidelity

Available for order now, the new DeVore Fidelity O/93 reverberates with the same good vibes as the DeVore O/96 Loudspeaker.

The O/93, a floor stander, utilizes a new version of the 10″ paper cone woofer specifically designed for this model.  It shares the identical 1″ gently horn loaded tweeter found in it’s bigger brother.  Cabinets are finished in hand polished semi-gloss with beautiful fiddleback mahogany veneer front baffles.

As the name suggests, sensitivity is 93db/10Ω impedance making them a perfect fit with lower powered tube amplification. Dimensions 10″d x 15″w x 35.5″h  Freq. bandwidth stated at 30Hz-31kHz.  Hand made in New York.

Update: I’ve had a few questions whether the speakers sit directly on the floor.  They do not.  The speakers have 1/2″ high footers in each corner elevating them off the floor.

14 thoughts on “He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother

    1. Hi Alan, no news yet on the O/98. John is starting production on the O/93 as I type this. As soon as that is full steam ahead, I am sure development on the top Orangutan speaker will commence.


    1. Hi Tommy,

      The O series is characterized with their wider front baffles and use of larger woofers, such as the 10″ woofers used in the O/93 and O/96. Using a narrow front baffle would negate their design parameters and sonic and musical intentions. John DeVore produces the Gibbon series of speakers which may be a solution for you.

      1. Hi Matt, Thanks for the clarification. I mentioned the resemblance based on a first glance of similar cabinet proportions and driver locations on the front baffle. Obviously a completely different speaker, given all the details. Looks to be a very promising design.

    1. They both work well in small to medium sized rooms. Ultimately, it will depend on the room acoustics and speaker setup. But, that being said, the O/93 has slightly less bass output, so may be recommended over the O/96 is some situations.

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