Warm Glow

Happy New Year to all my friends and readers, far and wide!  To all my customers, thank you so much for the support this year.  You are all the best!

Speaking of customers, Darrin is thoroughly enjoying his new LM (Line Magnetic) Audio Silver Series 211 Integrated Amp.  Enjoy Darrin!

“Hi Matt, Yesterday I just unboxed the LM amp and the A23 interconnects, and I am thoroughly enjoying the music that is being produced. As I’ve spent the first two hours listening, I can hear my system getting better with each passing moment…  I’ve been held attentive, breathless, and marveled, at the imagery of strings been strummed, high hats being crashed, drums being struck, and the resolution of different musical layering of a music composition.

I look forward to my next listening session where I may rediscover and enjoy my next musical selection.  Darrin”


4 thoughts on “Warm Glow

  1. Hey Matt & all:
    Happy new year to you all, and let’s hope that 2013 is great year! Matt: Any word on the LM Audio Gold Series?
    -Best, Jonathan K.

    1. Hi Jonathan, thanks! Same to you!
      The Gold series, which sits between the Silver series (LM211, 216, 218, etc) and the Classic series (755i Loudpeaker and Western Electric reproductions,e tc, among other items) is on the way….Further info shortly…


  2. HNY Matt!

    Don’t know what the year has in store for my system–still awestruck over my upgrade to Shindo speaker cables–unless Mr. Shindo launches a solution to our digital woes.

    But I wish you and your business continuing success and prosperity.

    You’ve made many an audiophile happy campers along the way.


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