Ironclad Performance

Hommage in a row

What else can be said of finest Step Up Transformers(SUT) available?  The Auditorium 23 Hommage series are key ingredients within the context of the best vinyl playback setups. Designed exclusively by Auditorium 23 the Hommage T1 and T2 weave an effortless flow of music from your Ortofon SPU and EMT series of cartridges, respectively.

Basically, a SUT steps up voltage of a moving coil cartridge for maximum cartridge and phono stage performance.  An SUT physically resides between the tone-arm cable and input of the phono preamp.

Much like a camera lens, a step up transformer is a passive device – meaning it doesn’t require a source of energy (ie. a/c from the wall) to operate.  It receives the voltage of your moving coil cartridge and amplifies the signal.  It does this through the means of a primary coil (less windings, thus low impedance, on input side) and secondary coil (more windings, thus higher impedance and higher voltage on the output side).  Both these windings are wrapped around, typically, an iron-core. The amount of overall gain and desired impedance characteristics are the result of these turn ratios of these coil windings.

Yes, it is the most expensive way to amplify a moving coil cartridge – many manufacturers tend to use transistors in their phono preamplifiers which cost mere pennies.  Transformers can cost a thousand time what a typical transistors costs to manufacturer.  However, sonically there is no better way to couple a moving coil cartridge to your phono preamplifier.  This transformative ability is not subtle – music playback will step up several notches in regards to realistic scale, spatial resolution, dynamics and foundation.

Inquire about which version is the right fit for your system..

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