8 Miles High

Check out Rene’s handsome hifi system.  The core components consist of a Shindo Monbrison, Shindo Haut-Brion and DeVore Fidelity Orangutan O/96 Loudspeakers.  Shindo Interconnects and Auditorium 23 Speaker Wire tie it all together.  Sweet analog sound is provided by a DPS turntable,  Allaerts phono cartridge and A23 Step Up Transformer.  Digital is handled by a headless mac mini (easily controlled with desktop screen sharing function of mac OSX) and a Weiss Dac2.

Rene System

Rene 3

Of course, this is all moot without a quality stand holding it all together. Check out the beautiful custom BOX Furniture Co. Heavy Double Width 2 shelf component stand.  The finish of the Anigre wonderfully compliments the speakers and decor.

5 thoughts on “8 Miles High

    1. Exquisite in it’s simplicity. It makes me want to bring my Tivoli model 1 home from work. It seems as if the Haut-Brion has become a very popular choice to drive the 0/96’s. I would say Rene is enjoying that view in style.

  1. Thanks to everyone for the kind words!

    But especially thanks to Matt for the great post on my system and all his help in putting it together. The O/96 and Box furniture were the last finishing touches.

    And it sounds as one could only hope for – I have enjoyed the Haut Brion for the past years with the Devore Super 8; the O/96 work even more beautifully with even more fun, more drive, more life. “Room with a View” applies to both the view to the outside and the exceptional view into the music afforded by Ken’s wonderful amps.

    Again thanks to Matt for all the help and patience over the years!


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