Orange Aid

Line Magnetic Audio to the rescue!  Looking a tad more orange than gold, but undeniably handsome, the new Line Magnetic Gold Series integrated amps hit the price and performance sweet spot.  The Gold Series sit between the popular Silver Series (check this link as well) and the Classic Series (755i loudspeaker system, associated components, Western Electric reproductions and other cool ear making it’s way to pitch perfect – stay tuned).

Two amplifiers are in the Gold Series line: LM-518 (22wpc single ended) and LM-501 (100wpc utilizing the KT120 tube).  Additionally, LM makes a great DAC, the LM-502CA.  Like all LM products, the Gold Series is built to a level that sets the bar beyond reach of other products at these price points.  These amps get the pitch perfect audio sonic stamp of approval.

Check out the vibe of the LM-518:

LM Audio 518 Angle

LM Audio 518 FrontLike the extraordinary LM-218, the LM-518 utilizes the 845 triode, originally developed by RCA in the early 1930’s as a radio transmitter tube.  The circuit maintains the popular 218’s high degree of sonic attributes – effortless dynamics and musicality – but LM designers have finessed the design with a 5AR4 tube rectified power supply and a few select internal component upgrades. Additionally, a dedicated preamp input allows you to augment the setup with a preamp.  Tubes that complete the circuit consist of a 12ax7 input tube and a 6P3P driving the 845’s.  Like all LM integrated amps a volume remote control rounds out the setup.  (By the way, I should mention – the two top Silver Series integrated models, the gorgeous sounding LM-210 (300B) and awesome LM-219 (845), also feature a preamp input option.)

Inquire for pricing.

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