Celluloid Heroes

I have been eager to announce some exciting news, and considering the deal is done and ink dried, here we go!

Pitch Perfect Audio is relocating to Southern California.  This heavy-duty move will take place within 3~ months, and I am anticipating a sure-footed transition (knock on wood).

Mulholland Drive

My new studio will be located at 6161 Santa Monica Boulevard, in the heart of downtown Hollywood (click for higher res photo).  A great location – east of Vine St., a few blocks south of Sunset and Hollywood Boulevards.  The musical vibe illuminated  from within the iconic Capitol Records building, a few blocks up, is tangible.  Additionally, I’m 10 minutes from Downtown Los Angeles and a short drive from LAX (Los Angeles Airport).  Like my current San Francisco location, I conscientiously worked at finding a spot that is a breeze to commute to – a hub for travel – not to mention being steeped in cultural/artistic history.

pitch perfect audio  SF
…old studio…

For new customers, a short bio:  I’m a transplanted New Yorker and have been in San Francisco 7~ years.  I commenced operations in 2006, working from my initial home based shop, offering audio products the Bay Area craved.  The list is long of so many wonderful people I have welcomed into my home (and honestly, some certifiable lunatics) during this initial phase.  Five years ago, I moved to a larger, dedicated studio space in which I currently inhabit.  It’s been a great location and I’ve made some killer sounds through the years.  Admittedly, I feel a bit of the blues regarding my move, but time marches on.

I plan to make the new location as legendary as my San Francisco studio (or maniacal audio workshop, depending on time of day you visited). [smile]   The new studio will be very cool – It’s located in a building that was used as a Hollywood prop house, back in the day.

Many of you have become good friends and I expect a mandatory visit every now and then! 🙂

I will continue the one on one service I am known and aspire to refine certain aspects of the business.  Besides being at the store demonstrating cool music systems, I am on the road a lot and I  will regularly be visiting Northern California/San Francisco/Bay Area (and beyond) to continue to assist those customers that require my support.  Although I am in a different zip code,  I am still here for you.

I will continue being your resource for all things Shindo, Leben, Line Magnetic, EMT, DeVore Fidelity, etc.  A lot of top quality products will be on display as always.  I’ll post photos of the new space in due time.  Stay tuned, more to come…

* UPDATE: Please note, we will be available via email and phone during the upcoming move.  Demonstrations, however, will not be possible starting mid to late June until we settle into the new studio.

24 thoughts on “Celluloid Heroes

  1. Matt,

    Congrats on your move and new studio. What a cool location. I’m sure it’ll have the vibes you’re searching for. Looking forward to the pics and your impressions.



  2. What a sad day for the Bay Area. Matt without a doubt Pitch Perfect is one of the three best audio dealerships I have know over the past 35 years. The other two are out of business now(Auditions owned by JIm Smith and Sound Tracks owned by Mike Shotts by the way). I wish you well in your new location and you will be missed here.

  3. This is good news for me. I was wanting to make a trip to S.F. and stop by Pitch Perfect, now I don’t have to!! Although I always visit the Bay area cause it’s a great place. Welcome to L.A.! You’ll love it hear. In my area of NELA I have 5 record stores within a quarter mile. Juicy pieces of vinyl are waiting for you! Check out Mario’s on Melrose and Vine for good Peruvian food.

    Cheers and can’t wait for the new place to open,


    Robert L.
    Los Angeles,CA

  4. Sorry to hear you are moving the shop Matt. But the good news is my younger daughter is starting college down in southern Cal soon, so keep us informed when you open, and I look forward to stopping by! Best of luck, Steve P.

  5. And there I was hoping you meant the Toronto film studios 😉

    Good luck with the move and hope to visit your new digs sometime.

    All the best,


  6. Matt, Congratulations! I bet you will enjoy having your showroom a little closer to home.

    I’m looking forward to your next event, hearing those 300b’s, …and staying at the Mondrian!

    Good luck with the move.


  7. Congratulations on your impending move Matt! I hope your new digs will perpetuate the beyond cool vibe of your SF place. The drive in from The OC will be that much more fun knowing your shop is that much closer.

    Welcome to La La Land!

  8. The only thing that has kept me out of deep Shindo trouble is that you’re in SF and I’m in LA. (Also I still love the Leben you sold me a couple of years back.) Look forward to losing my head soon.

  9. Matt,

    This is an exciting move–especially for me since I visit LA at least twice a year and will finally get to audition some of the gear I never made it to SF to hear.

    More importantly I think it will be great for your business and for your family. I ran my own business in LA for 15 years (lived in Venice) and loved it.

    Good luck with the move and I look forward to visiting with you in your new studio.


  10. Matt,

    This news is bittersweet: a loss for us Bay Area music lovers, but a tremendous opportunity to build the Pitch Perfect brand — and the Southland will be the place to do it.

    You are a gem, and I’ll miss you. But your family comes first, and I’m sure they’ll be glad to have you close at hand. Haven’t been to L.A. since 2006’s Home Entertainment Show (boring). It’ll be worth the trip to the real deal. And I can probably score some primo deglet noors while I’m there, too!

    All the best to you and yours! – Randy

  11. I saw a blurb on an audio forum about this move and i come here to see if it were true…yipee!! Frisco’s loss is our gain. very much looking forward to being part of the ‘new gang’ once you’re fully relo’d. g’luck with the move and i hope Pitch Perfect and co. has many happy and prosperous years in their new home, the city of angels.


    1. Hi Rob,

      Thanks for the welcome to LA – I’m finishing up the last stages of moving all the stuff and should be there by end of June. I am looking forward to meeting all sorts of folks down in the LA area.


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