Digital Duality

Introducing the Line Magnetic LM-502CA Digital to Analog Converter!

This ambitious DAC design is perfect for those of us not willing to leap into the abyss of expensive, complicated digital processing gear on the market.

502CA Tubes

I combed through the specs, and tallied up a few key design parameters..

  • Sample rate 32bit, 44.1kHz through 192kHz, displayed on front panel
  • Asynchronous technology for ultra-low jitter/distortion
  • Top of the line ESS Sabre 9016 DAC
  • Tube rectified analog circuits utilizing the 6z4 full wave rectifier tube
  • Dual output stages –  Tube (12au7 dual triode) output and Solid-State output stage. Cool!
  • Utilizes XMOS USB 2.0 receiving and decoding audio technology for your computer based music source
  • Flexible installation with 5 input choices – AES/EBU, BNC, USB, Optical and Coaxial
  • Dual transformer design – Toroidal type handles digital circuits and EI for Analogue circuits

502CA on tableThe LM-502CA is one sweet DAC.  Paired with the LM-518  and DeVore O/96 Loudspeakers, I enjoyed a spacious and startlingly realistic musical presence.  More importantly, music is well grounded and has depth, scale and presence.  Timing cues, flow and the tension in the music (for me, the way the music unravels in a realistic way) –  an important trait in vinyl playback –  is a welcome addition.  A palpable sense of texture and tonal color creates a naturalness that is not typically seen at this price point.  Fantastic !

Inquire for pricing and availability.


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