…A time to build up, a time to break down…

I’ve commenced packing and my move date to my new studio space is set for late June. As mentioned in my prior post, it’s officially time to bid farewell to the city by the sea. With the help of some extraordinarily helpful friends(and enthusiastic customers), Tom and Ricky, we dug deep packing records last weekend. Thanks guys!

Moving v2

However, there is a lot more for me to do.  I’ve given it a lot of thought to slimming down the load prior to my move – especially the delicate equipment – and it makes sense considering the distance they otherwise must travel.

There is a time and a place for a sale and, since I intentionally never had one in all the years I’ve been in business, the time is right… so here we go…

Announcing our first ever STUDIO SALE on Friday May 31st and Saturday June 1st, from 12 noon ~ 8pm each day at the San Francisco  showroom – 300 Brannan Street – Suite 209.  Basically, most items not bolted down will be available for cash and carry.  Do not miss this opportunity – there will not be another one like it !  However, some select items will not be for sale.

What is for sale:

Select demonstration equipment (loudspeakers, preamps, amps, integrated amps, turntables,dacs), discontinued demonstration equipment, audio furniture, lighting/showroom decor, accessories, cables, vintage turntables, vintage drivers, vintage tube tuners, vintage tone-arms, phono cartridges, assorted misc. trade-in items, parts, knick-knacks, goodies and so forth. Inquire for more info!

I will not email a price list, so please don’t ask.  But feel free to call with questions regarding what will be available on these two days, anytime prior to the sale, so you can be prepared. Let me re-iterate.  Cash and Carry.  All items must be picked up within these two days.  Additionally, I have to mention, I’m not giving stuff away.  I’m not desperate for the sale, I can take it or leave it.  So please don’t come expecting ‘free’ stuff.

Again, please feel free to call and discuss items available.  There will be no demonstrations during the sale.

Not in the market for any cool stuff?  Feel free to swing by anyway and say hello and hang out. Perhaps partake in the abundant liqueur reserves from my Greenhaus event. 😉


  • Select items only.
  • No demonstrations.
  • First come, first served.
  • All sales final, no returns.
  • Cash and carry means just that.
  • Payment accepted: Cash.  No checks. No Credit Cards. No Paypal.
  • Demo equipment, where applicable, will come with warranty/support.
  • Most items do not include packing/boxes.  Some do.  Please inquire.

My move date is set for the end of June, so clearing out some items would be helpful.

[Please check back on this post for occasional updates.]

6 thoughts on “…A time to build up, a time to break down…

  1. Hi Matt,

    So I’m very interested what you’ll have for sale. Can you send me a list?

    And are you going to reserve now? Or are we to rush on some line? 🙂

    Thanks, Dave

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