Well Done

Just received in this fresh & tasty Masseto preamplifier from Japan, for another enthusiastic customer.

It’s always exciting to receive in products from the manufacturer – in this case, Shindo Laboratory (of course!).  The new owner asked if I could give the preamp a workout in my HiFi system for a week, until he returns from vacation.  Always happy to do so – It gives me a chance to enjoy fresh new product and keep up to date on the evolution of Shindo products.  Shindo preamps maintain a balance of aesthetic elegance and sonic prowess that should be experienced by all those who consider music an important part of their life.

I vividly recall receiving in the newly introduced Masseto preamp back in 2007.  I took note of serial No. 2 while anxiously wiring it in the system.  It sounded phenomenal.  2013 and the Masseto is as fresh as ever and continues to be an important preamp in Shindo’s unique lineup.  You see, Shindo products are a model of constant – albeit subtle – evolution.  However, Shindo-San is never one to replace new products every 6 months to meet a consumer audio show deadline.  It is simply not in his business vernacular.  Instead, subtle refinements over the years keep products sonically and aesthetically fresh for new customers.

Long term owners of Shindo Labs products: It gets better with age, so despite subtle changes, your product is continuing to improve over time and should be cherished for years to come.  Each and every product that ships from the Ken Shindo workshop is truly individual, due to their hand made nature.

Masseto Rcvd

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