Introducing Partager

Pitch Perfect Audio is excited to share to the world an entirely new preamplifier model for 2014, born within the Shindo Laboratory family of products.

[Update: pricing now available, please inquire via email]

The Partager sits comfortably between the popular Aurieges and renowned Monbrison preamplifier. The Partager, like the Aurieges, retains the family traits of superb phono playback via a dedicated moving magnet phono input.  You may utilize a dedicated step up transformer to match with your choice of phono cartridge.

The no nonsense, uncluttered, approach in regards to aesthetics resonates with those who appreciate the timeless quality of Shindo Labs products.

From the tangible reassuring click of the power switch, tactile and precise input switching, silky smooth volume control and hand wired internal construction, Shindo Labs products exude craftsmanship of the highest order.  Partager leans on the Aurieges’ strengths and imparts an even higher level of musical communication and refinement.

Besides the phono input, the Partager utilizes 3 line level inputs, allowing you to switch between your higher voltage level sources such as CD player, DAC, Tuner and so on.

Under the ventilated hood, Partager enjoys a unique Shindo circuit and quality components illuminating the music you love.


Higher resolution pitch perfect photos to follow.

Photo courtesy of Tone Imports.

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