Lights.. Camera… Action!..

My new shop in Los Angeles is officially open for demonstrations!  If you are in the market for a new stereo system, I welcome you to schedule an appointment.

As most of you know I moved my shop from San Francisco to Los Angeles this past summer.  I am  – finally – comfortably situated in my new space, after much work.

My good customer Richard visited my new studio…

“I visited Matt in his new space.  It’s even better than his old space! The acoustics are wonderful. And Matt has created a very relaxing and intellectual environment. He has wonderful taste, with his artistic background quite clear. Not to mention a superb host. A real treat to be there.

It’s really convenient to either LAX or Burbank airports with easy parking as well. (Hint: Burbank is a much easier airport to deal with)

He has the full range of Shindo speakers (Latour, Petites and Lafites; and both the Devore O/96 and O/93). And a huge array of Shindo amps and preamps. Other brands too of course.

I was skeptical of his move at first, but this space is better!

If I were contemplating Shindo, I would even fly across the country to work with Matt…If this sounds like a sales pitch, it’s just my way of expressing my beliefs, and to acknowledge Matt’s service and dedication…”

Thanks, Richard, I sincerely appreciate the kind words.

..quick snap of the new studio – more photos on the way…

3 thoughts on “Lights.. Camera… Action!..

  1. Matt,

    Looks fabulous! Hoping to visit you in the future during the meantime I’ll be looking forward to more pix. Congrats on a job well done.


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