Heavy Stereo

heavy stereo

I have decided a regularly scheduled, monthly, music get together would be cool.

..Bring a record to share..enjoy some tunes.. a drink.. and meet other like minded folks…

This would be a good introduction to products I represent without setting up a more formal appointment..

I am just firming up detailed regarding which day/time would be best. Stay tuned!

~ by pitchperfectaudio on March 23, 2014.

6 Responses to “Heavy Stereo”

  1. I’m there! The Mondrian is nearby, right?

  2. That sounds fun

  3. Great idea! Love to come by for one of these.

  4. Hey Matt, this is a great idea. As a suggestion in consideration of us out-of-towners, a regular schedule (I.e, the third Saturday of every other month) would be helpful in planning far in advance. Also, a Saturday date would allow us to fly in the day before or in the morning and fly home on Sunday, to not miss work…as I said, just suggestions to a great idea…
    Best, Jonathan in North Atlanta

  5. Matt,

    Sounds like fun. Keep us posted on dates and times and hopefully I`ll be visiting when the events take place.



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