Cue’d Up

Cue Up

My first regularly scheduled Greenhaus music night will be this April 19th.  Doors will be open for an informal evening of enjoying tunes and camaraderie at my new shop in Los Angeles.  Visit anytime that is convenient, between the hours of 6-10pm~.

Feel free to bring a record (or two) to share with others!  Beverages and snacks will be served.

Going forward these will be a low-key get-togethers where we can hang, listen to some music and relax. Perhaps transcend both space and time. It won’t be a time for formal demonstrations of various components, but I will typically have different gear playing each month.

I feel this would be a good introduction to products I represent without setting up a more formal appointment.

Why did I coin it Greenhaus Music Night?  Simple: California, warm climate, music.. perhaps being played on warm green tube audio equipment.. why not? 😉

Come on down..!  If you can’t it make this month, no worries, see you next month.  No RSVP necessary, although please do email me if you plan to bring a dozen friends –  I only have so much space…!

Future dates:  3rd Saturday of each month from 6-10pm  (unless otherwise noted here or on my Facebook page

Note: Moving forward from this post, monthly reminders will only be on my Facebook page  – in the events section.


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