Transport Yourself

Introducing the new LM Audio CD Player, model LM-515CD.

Like all LM Audio products, the LM-515CD performs at a sonic level beyond the reach of other audio products at these price points.  It is a welcome addition to the Gold Series of products.


LM-515 CD player provides a choice between CD and USB input, easily selectable via the front panel, and is capable of sampling rates of 32bit 44.1KHz to 192KHz.

The ability to utilize your computer’s music library via USB input or dropping in a CD to quickly play some tunes will be appreciated by those with a large CD library.

I was happy to hear the ESS9016 dac chip has been chosen, which is the same dac chip in their superb standalone DAC, the LM502CA.

The popular Sony CD transport is being utilized for reliability.  Additionally, digital output is available via AES/EBU, BNC, OPTICAL, COXIAL.


Photo courtesy of LM Audio

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