I am proud to introduce the new Auditorium 23 Hommage Ken Loudspeaker.

A collaboration between friends Keith Aschenbrenner and Ken Shindo.

The speaker cabinets internal ‘labyrinth construction’ was designed by Ken Shindo, and utilized here with his permission shortly before his passing.  This collaboration, as well as knowledge acquired by Keith Aschenbrenner through years of successful speaker design, is distilled into this project.

The handsome cabinet is constructed of solid cherry wood and exudes a quality and craftsmanship as expected from Auditorium 23 Loudspeakers.

Hommage Ken 2 Hommage Ken 1

With the availability of the extraordinary LM 755A Alnico Driver (A faithful replica of the rare and renowned 8″ Western Electric 755 driver) in conjunction with the Hommage Ken cabinetry, the true essence of Shindo Laboratory products can be appreciated.

Pitch Perfect Audio now has various solutions based around the LM 755 drivers.

We will be receiving our demonstration pair of A23 Hommage Ken Loudspeakers when they are available.

Please inquire for pricing.  Availability 2~ months.

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