Sibling Rivalry

Now that I have been enjoying the new Shindo Laboratory Vosne Romanee L for a few hundred hours, I thought it high time I would describe this new preamplifier.  This model, sans a phono circuit, sits side-by-side with the legendary Vosne-Romanee.

Describing the musical experience in prose is somewhat elusive a task.

I guess I could write about the realistic musical scale, startling dynamics, lucid, vivid presence, tension and communicative interplay between musicians; the realistic ebb & flow, tonal & textural realism and other qualities which will envelop you…

But, I won’t..

On the other hand, I suppose I could discuss the enormous output transformers, choice new old stock vacuum tubes and components, beautiful point to point wired circuit and quality construction…

I won’t belabor the obvious – the new Vosne Romanee L is a special product from Shindo Laboratory.

Contact me to arrange a listening session…

…relax after a hard days night…


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