Peak Performance

Part of our audio services at pitch perfect audio is making sure your analog setup is perfectly in tune and operating at peak performance.

I recently wired up Greg’s ‘EMT TSD-15’ moving coil phono cartridge on his turntable; Greg is also utilizing the Auditorium 23 ‘Step Up Transformer’ to maximize the sonics of the EMT and his phono stage.

“matthew, this morning i was sitting, enjoying a few last records with my old cartridge, quite content and doubting whether or not i really “needed” to upgrade anything at all. i’m sure you hear your share of hyperbolic prose on the subject, so i’ll be brief. 

i’m stunned, and i’ll be glued to my seat for the rest of the afternoon. thanks again for all your help, advice, and certainly patience, past, present, and future -g”

TSD 15 v2

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