Up to SPEC

Highly anticipated for the past couple of years, the new SPEC GMP-8000EX turntable is now available!

Tech Specs: Precision 15.75″ diameter gunmetal (30lb) platter, beautiful cherry stained hardwood plinth,  gunmetal pulley utilizing a ‘pitch perfect’ string drive system w/fine tune pitch control for 33/45rpm (a welcome feature, lacking in so many tables today).  Additionally, the platter is partially suspended with magnets.  The advantages are two-fold;  sonically, this reduces bearing noise and the reduced friction means increases bearing component longevity.

Handsomely appointed with machined aluminum and gunmetal accents, the turntable can be ordered with a custom machined arm boards for variety of 12″ tonearms.  However, it will be available as a package with the venerable EMT 997.  We have some excellent cartridge (both stereo and mono) options available such as the renowned EMT TSD15 and EMT JSD series.

Please email or call for pricing.

Spec ppa

3 thoughts on “Up to SPEC

  1. Don’t give me credit for the lousy photo! Just a night iPhone shot in dim lighting. Not my best work!

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