Monbrison: Revolutionary Evolution

I am excited to announce the next chapter in the Shindo Lab Monbrison preamplifier evolution.

Newly announced Shindo products are much like getting re-acquinted with an old friend you haven’t seen in a while.  They are a bit wiser (or is that just the gray?)..more worldly and colored with the patina of life experience and knowledge… perhaps full of recently acquired stories that bubble to the surface as you slow down and take time to catch up.

The Monbrison preamplifier, which has made an enormous impact during 2 decades of production, is one such Shindo product I can relate to the above analogy.

Boasting a freshly re-designed chassis (new to the Monbrison) as well as bold and unique refinements to the circuit, the new Shindo Monbrison is sure to please. A MM phono input easily allow the use of outboard step up transformers, such as the popular models from Auditorium 23.

Further details and photos to follow once I receive my personal preamp. In  the mean time, please contact me for pricing information or to schedule your demonstration to experience the new Shindo Monbrison in a properly integrated Shindo system at my shop.




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