Pardon our dust

…But we’re workin’ here…

Big news! We have moved our shop from Los Angeles, CA to the beautiful and historic Coachella Valley – specifically, to the city of Palm Desert, CA.

The new shop is cradled between the gorgeous Santa Rosa, San Jacinto and San Bernardino mountain range, where stunning sunrises and sunsets are commonplace and the painted desert is full of mystery and intrigue.


The Coachella valley area has been home for over 10 years and it will be a pleasure to have the new shop close by – basically cutting my commute down to a matter of minutes. I’ll be at the shop way more and will have walk-in hours throughout the week to the benefit of everyone visiting.

I met many new customers in LA (and prior to this when I lived in San Francisco) and I am grateful to have had the good fortune to call it our headquarters for many years. However, we could not pass up the opportunity to lock in this new location. Easy driving from all points north, south, east and west assure smooth travel to our new location. Palm Springs airport is a dream to fly into and the shop is easily accessible for those interested in visiting from all points of California (and beyond).

Equally big news is my friend Jonathan Halpern of Tone Imports will be operating under the same roof. Cool, eh! The new space is large enough to accommodate warehousing and distributing Tone Imports full product line up;  Stocked items allow immediate gratification for those customers visiting pitch perfect audio. I do believe Jonathan is simply happy I won’t be emailing him at all hours of the day inquiring if an item is in stock.

Suffice to say, this will be a cool shop with the best audio electronics available – the best modern hifi, the best vintage hifi, repair services, expert turntable setup, tasty tubes, sweet solid state – all with the goal of creating the best music listening experience available.

A quick sneak peak below…

Dust 4
…Pardon our dust…

dust 3dust 2

More information to come once we complete the renovation and setup. We are in the midst of flingin’ paint, building a sound room and vacuuming sawdust. The dedicated sound room will be our best yet and advantageous in demonstrating the capabilities of these products.

Yes, we are open for biz during this transition, so please give me a ring or email with any hifi needs (or desires) during this time. I am also available via facebook messenger via our business page.








2 thoughts on “Pardon our dust

  1. Hey Matt,

    Congrats on the move and new store. It says a lot to be able to be close to home and work within minutes of each other. I’m sure Jonathan is enjoying the new location without all the hustle and bustle of N.Y.

    Looking forward to seeing the competed store and pics.

    Good Vibes,


    Sent from my iPhone


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