Eight is Enough

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…8 watts, that is.


Pitch Perfect Audio is excited to introduce the new LM Audio 217 Integrated Amplifier !

Shipping in Mid 2015, this new addition to the Silver Series amplifiers demands the attention of those looking for single ended qualities; at a price point that is sure to please.

Like all LM Audio full function Integrated amplifiers, the LM-217 is point to point wired with quality components.  I’m digging the vibe of the dual power supply rectifier tubes.  A handy built-in bias meter allows fine tuning for long output tube life and included remote, controls volume.

Photo courtesy LM Audio.  Please inquire for pricing.

Strength In Numbers

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LM 501

The Line Magnetic 501 Integrated Amplifier utilizes the robust KT120 output tube to provide 100 watts per channel.  Yep, 100wpc.  A prerequisite for numerous loudspeakers on the market.  Simply put, this amplifier is your best bet for speakers demanding a bit of brute force to get them singing beautifully and draw out the best in their ability.

The LM-501 is part of the growing Gold Series family of Line Magnetic products and share many of the features found on the popular LM-518.  These integrated amplifiers benefit from a handy preamplifier input, easily transforming this integrated amp into a dedicated stereo power amp, allowing the system to grow with your needs.

True Colors

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LM 210


The sophisticated Line Magnetic LM-210, 8wpc Single Ended Integrated Amplifier shares many features implemented in the LM-219 integrated amplifier.

Enameled in hammertone gray, sporting brushed aluminum silver front fascia, precision control switches and a chassis top that visually emphasizes the tube compliment, the LM-210 is quite a striking product.

Relative to the LM-219, the LM-210 is, well, svelte in comparison and easier to integrate into every music system home environment.  The 300B single ended output will shine through higher sensitive loudspeakers, such as DeVore Orangutan O/96, Auditorium 23 Hommage 755A and Line Magnetic 755...all fantastic.. come listen and let the LM-210 show you it’s true colors…..

Email for pricing and availability…

LM210 close up


Sibling Rivalry

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Now that I have been enjoying the new Shindo Laboratory Vosne Romanee L for a few hundred hours, I thought it high time I would describe this new preamplifier.  This model, sans a phono circuit, sits side-by-side with the legendary Vosne-Romanee.

Describing the musical experience in prose is somewhat elusive a task.

I guess I could write about the realistic musical scale, startling dynamics, lucid, vivid presence, tension and communicative interplay between musicians; the realistic ebb & flow, tonal & textural realism and other qualities which will envelop you…

But, I won’t..

On the other hand, I suppose I could discuss the enormous output transformers, choice new old stock vacuum tubes and components, beautiful point to point wired circuit and quality construction…

I won’t belabor the obvious – the new Vosne Romanee L is a special product from Shindo Laboratory.

Contact me to arrange a listening session…


…relax after a hard days night…


Another Brick in the Wall

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A big thank you to everyone who has visited pitch perfect audio for this past July Greenhaus music night.

The past 4 monthly events have created a nice buzz – enough to stir up and attract music enthusiasts in the greater Los Angeles area.

Thank you for spreading the word!

Please note: There will NOT be one for this August.

We will, however, continue our monthly Greenhaus Music Night (3rd Saturday of each month) in September (9/20).



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I am proud to introduce the new Auditorium 23 Hommage Ken Loudspeaker.

A collaboration between friends Keith Aschenbrenner and Ken Shindo.

The speaker cabinets internal ‘labyrinth construction’ was designed by Ken Shindo, and utilized here with his permission shortly before his passing.  This collaboration, as well as knowledge acquired by Keith Aschenbrenner through years of successful speaker design, is distilled into this project.

The handsome cabinet is constructed of solid cherry wood and exudes a quality and craftsmanship as expected from Auditorium 23 Loudspeakers.

Hommage Ken 2 Hommage Ken 1

With the availability of the extraordinary LM 755A Alnico Driver (A faithful replica of the rare and renowned 8″ Western Electric 755 driver) in conjunction with the Hommage Ken cabinetry, the true essence of Shindo Laboratory products can be appreciated.

Pitch Perfect Audio now has various solutions based around the LM 755 drivers.

We will be receiving our demonstration pair of A23 Hommage Ken Loudspeakers when they are available.

Please inquire for pricing.  Availability 2~ months.

Transport Yourself

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Introducing the new LM Audio CD Player, model LM-515CD.

Like all LM Audio products, the LM-515CD performs at a sonic level beyond the reach of other audio products at these price points.  It is a welcome addition to the Gold Series of products.


LM-515 CD player provides a choice between CD and USB input, easily selectable via the front panel, and is capable of sampling rates of 32bit 44.1KHz to 192KHz.

The ability to utilize your computer’s music library via USB input or dropping in a CD to quickly play some tunes will be appreciated by those with a large CD library.

I was happy to hear the ESS9016 dac chip has been chosen, which is the same dac chip in their superb standalone DAC, the LM502CA.

The popular Sony CD transport is being utilized for reliability.  Additionally, digital output is available via AES/EBU, BNC, OPTICAL, COXIAL.


Photo courtesy of LM Audio


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