Bright Lights, Big City

•April 14, 2014 • 2 Comments

Cost effective space heaters and highly proficient music makers:  The awesome Line Magnetic Integrated Amplifier models from left to right, 219IA aka ‘The Beast’, 501IA, 210IA (rear), 211IA (front), 518IA, 218IA.

There is sure to be a model for your budget and speaker selection.  Come listen!

space heaters

Cue’d Up

•April 4, 2014 • Leave a Comment

Cue Up

My first regularly scheduled Greenhaus music night will be this April 19th.  Doors will be open for an informal evening of enjoying tunes and camaraderie at my new shop in Los Angeles.  Visit anytime that is convenient, between the hours of 6-10pm~.

Feel free to bring a record (or two) to share with others!  Beverages and snacks will be served.

Going forward these will be a low-key get-togethers where we can hang, listen to some music and relax. Perhaps transcend both space and time. It won’t be a time for formal demonstrations of various components, but I will typically have different gear playing each month.

I feel this would be a good introduction to products I represent without setting up a more formal appointment.

Why did I coin it Greenhaus Music Night?  Simple: California, warm climate, music.. perhaps being played on warm green tube audio equipment.. why not? ;-)

Come on down..!  If you can’t it make this month, no worries, see you next month.  No RSVP necessary, although please do email me if you plan to bring a dozen friends –  I only have so much space…!

Future dates:  3rd Saturday of each month from 6-10pm  (unless otherwise noted here or on my Facebook page

Note: Moving forward from this post, monthly reminders will only be on my Facebook page  – in the events section.



•March 25, 2014 • 4 Comments

Records: Forever yours to enjoy..

Try that with a cloud based digital music server that just crashed or needs a software update to work. ;-)


Heavy Stereo

•March 23, 2014 • 6 Comments

heavy stereo

I have decided a regularly scheduled, monthly, music get together would be cool.

..Bring a record to share..enjoy some tunes.. a drink.. and meet other like minded folks…

This would be a good introduction to products I represent without setting up a more formal appointment..

I am just firming up detailed regarding which day/time would be best. Stay tuned!

Human Touch

•March 3, 2014 • 3 Comments

I appreciate working with small manufacturers for a variety of reasons –  The human interaction with the owner/designer, the sharing of personal interests, laughter, confiding in personal and business related issues, but most important, the friendship that develops over the years.

For my customers, however, the the ability to tailor your purchase, to some extent, makes the product all the more special.

For example, did you know that John DeVore is able to provide custom finishes upon request?  Undoubtedly, these custom finishes will cost more, but they may be just the thing to aesthetically match your decor or personal taste.

….A honey of a Orangutan O/96 Loudspeaker finished in Ropey Cherry.

o96 ropey


•February 22, 2014 • 2 Comments

I have considered offering, for sale, full resolution prints of select photos from my website – perhaps available in two sizes. Prints would be delivered ready to hang on your living room, den, music room or man-cave wall.  :-)  A sampling of just a few of the images I am considering…

An informal poll, below, will determine if there is enough interest in this..  Take a moment or two, if you don’t mind, and let me know your thoughts.

Thanks! Matt


•February 18, 2014 • 1 Comment

…Beauty, subtlety, tonal realism and an effortless sense of presence…

We welcome the new Shindo Vosne-Romanee L to pitch perfect audio.

Vosne Romanee L


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