Up to SPEC

•June 2, 2015 • 2 Comments

Highly anticipated for the past couple of years, the new SPEC GMP-8000EX turntable is now available!

Soon to be on demonstration at pitch perfect audio and shipping now.

Tech Specs: Precision 15.75″ diameter gunmetal (30lb) platter, beautiful cherry stained hardwood plinth,  gunmetal pulley utilizing a ‘pitch perfect’ string drive system w/fine tune pitch control for 33/45rpm (a welcome feature, lacking in so many tables today).  Additionally, the platter is partially suspended with magnets.  The advantages are two-fold;  sonically, this reduces bearing noise and the reduced friction means increases bearing component longevity.

Handsomely appointed with machined aluminum and gunmetal accents, the turntable can be ordered with a custom machined arm boards for variety of 12″ tonearms.  However, it will be available as a package with the venerable EMT 997.  We have some excellent cartridge (both stereo and mono) options available such as the renowned EMT TSD15 and EMT JSD series.

It will be a great addition and solid fit to the pitch perfect product lineup.  Please email or call for pricing.

Image courtesy Tone Imports.


Hommage 755

•April 1, 2015 • 1 Comment

Now on demonstration at pitch perfect audio

…the extraordinary Auditorium 23 Hommage 755 Loudspeakers…


Peerless cabinetry

…The essence of music…

Hommage 755

Hommage 755 straight on

Hommage 755 Angle

Peak Performance

•March 31, 2015 • Leave a Comment

Part of our audio services at pitch perfect audio is making sure your analog setup is perfectly in tune and operating at peak performance.

I recently wired up Greg’s ‘EMT TSD-15′ moving coil phono cartridge on his turntable; Greg is also utilizing the Auditorium 23 ‘Step Up Transformer’ to maximize the sonics of the EMT and his phono stage.

“matthew, this morning i was sitting, enjoying a few last records with my old cartridge, quite content and doubting whether or not i really “needed” to upgrade anything at all. i’m sure you hear your share of hyperbolic prose on the subject, so i’ll be brief. 

i’m stunned, and i’ll be glued to my seat for the rest of the afternoon. thanks again for all your help, advice, and certainly patience, past, present, and future -g”

TSD 15 v2

We’re well connected

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ppa bw

Sound Create Producer

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Immune to audio reviewers flavor of the month club;

For almost 40 years Shindo Laboratory has been quietly hand producing the finest audio components with steadfast attention to detail.

For those seeking to produce a higher level of sound creation, I invite you to enjoy a demonstration of Shindo Laboratory music systems at pitch perfect audio…

Giscours painterly

Eight is Enough

•February 3, 2015 • Leave a Comment

…8 watts, that is.


Pitch Perfect Audio is excited to introduce the new LM Audio 217 Integrated Amplifier !

Shipping in Mid 2015, this new addition to the Silver Series amplifiers demands the attention of those looking for single ended qualities; at a price point that is sure to please.

Like all LM Audio full function Integrated amplifiers, the LM-217 is point to point wired with quality components.  I’m digging the vibe of the dual power supply rectifier tubes.  A handy built-in bias meter allows fine tuning for long output tube life and included remote, controls volume.

Photo courtesy LM Audio.  Please inquire for pricing.

Strength In Numbers

•January 14, 2015 • Leave a Comment

LM 501

The Line Magnetic 501 Integrated Amplifier utilizes the robust KT120 output tube to provide 100 watts per channel.  Yep, 100wpc.  A prerequisite for numerous loudspeakers on the market.  Simply put, this amplifier is your best bet for speakers demanding a bit of brute force to get them singing beautifully and draw out the best in their ability.

The LM-501 is part of the growing Gold Series family of Line Magnetic products and share many of the features found on the popular LM-518.  These integrated amplifiers benefit from a handy preamplifier input, easily transforming this integrated amp into a dedicated stereo power amp, allowing the system to grow with your needs.


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