SPECIALS & Trade Items [ Updated 4.16.14 ]

Pitch Perfect Audio takes in gently used, one customer owned, trade-in items.  These trade in items are credited for a certain amount of money toward new purchases at my shop.

This page is your source for the best quality trade-in and demonstration items from pitch perfect audio.

Occasionally, Pitch Perfect Audio demonstration products will also be available. These are supplied with full warranty and support, as if they were new. Also, products bought from me that I represent, taken on ‘trade-up’, come with full warranty as new.

I have coined the definition of ‘Trade-up’ items as one owner merchandise in which a customer traded-in for credit towards the next model (or two) up in the product line.

Buy pre-owned, certified, trade-up equipment with confidence from Pitch Perfect Audio, with invaluable support. Before buying that used item (on popular used web sites), of dubious origin, check with us first.

  • All sales final for items listed on this page.
  • Shipping is additional, unless otherwise noted. Pick up welcome.
  • California Sales tax, if applicable, is additional, unless otherwise noted.
  • If an item is listed as SOLD, it is indeed SOLD.

If you are interested in purchasing any of these items, please email or call 415.244.9310.

(1) pr. Trade-in Audio Valve Challenger 140 Mono Amps (Orig. $8.9k) Sale $3,500.

AV 1  AV 2

w/manual and original crates

Auto bias, 115wpc w/EL34 tubes (included), 180wpc w/KT88 or 6550


(1) Trade-up Shindo Monbrison Preamplifier (Orig. $9,995) Sale $ Inquire.


With box & a/c cord.

* Available for sale where no Shindo dealer exists!


(1) Demo Wavelength Audio Crimson DAC/Copper/24.96 Numerator (Orig. $8,000.) Sale $5,000.

with premium chenchen wood front panel . With box/packing.

Beautiful condition


(1) Trade-in pr. Magico V2 Loudspeakers (Orig. $18k pr) Sale $ TBD.

Photos pending.


* (1) Trade-up Shindo Montille 6v6 Stereo Amplifier (Orig. $5,495.) Sale $ Inquire.

With box & a/c cord, tube cage.

* Available for sale where no Shindo dealer exists!


(1) Trade-in Shindo Arome CD Matching Transformer Sale $ Inquire.

A few nicks on case, light scratches on acrylic face.

Will only be sold with appropriate A23 or Shindo cable set.


(1) Trade-up EMT XSD15 MC Phono Cartridge (Orig. $2,200) Sale $ Inquire.

G-style headshell (for SME 3009, 3012, etc) Low hours, with box.


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