The Oc·ca·sion·al

Hi folks, check out the magazine excerpt below, written by Rafe Arnott, fresh from his Winter 2018 issue of The Occasional Magazine. Rafe did another bang up job – This is his second issue of, well, an occasional magazine about audio, music, art, culture lifestyle and much more. It was a blast to be featured in such a high caliber magazine and I am humbled to be included in such fine company. This is part one, of a two part article. Part two will be published shortly and include an action packed video.

Hope you enjoy our story in the magazine excerpt below; Click on each page image to enlarge it.

If you would like to access the entire magazine it can be downloaded (it’s free) from the link below and read at your leisure on your laptop/tablet:  The Occasional Magazine Winter 2018 Issue.



3 thoughts on “The Oc·ca·sion·al

  1. Great article Matt with beautiful photos! An enjoyable read that brought me a little bit closer to the music and the art. Thanks.

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