Nine Lives

DeVore Nines

Wanted: A speaker that is room friendly, handsome and refined, yet… enjoys to pump up the jam when required.

The DeVore Fidelity Nines Loudspeaker is up to the challenge.  Taking up a slightly larger footprint than the renowned DeVore Gibbon Super 8’s , The Nines (just 4″ higher and 2.5″ deeper) bring you even closer to the musical performance.  With engineering derived from the DeVore Silverback Reference, The Nines are the result of John DeVore’s painstaking cabinet tuning, as well as years of loudspeaker design experience.  These speakers are the perfect solution for folks that demand the scale, presence and effortless music reproduction that is typically associated with larger speakers. Awakening the lower frequencies with a custom designed side firing woofer, The Nines will impress with their bass articulation and overall coherent top to bottom musical presentation.

Four gorgeous finishes are available:  Natural Cherry, Select Cherry, Walnut and Ltd. Edition Fiddleback Walnut (shown).

6 thoughts on “Nine Lives

  1. I’m curious to know how the Devore Nines compare to the Living Voice speakers that I believe you used to carry?

    1. Hi Ali,

      Living Voice are very fine speakers. Ultimately the DeVore’s were chosen by customers – overwhelmingly so – over the Living Voice during demonstrations. This further reinforced my commitment to the DeVore lineup, which have proven themselves, over the years, as superb performers.

    1. Hello Mike,

      They are, no doubt, two very different, superb speakers. Each with completely different design/music reproducing goals. Give me a call @ 415.244.9310 to discuss in depth.
      Thanks, Matt

  2. In a room size 16ft x 16ft; am I correct in assuming the nines are a better choice than the silverbacks, especially in considering that the silvers are 3x the price. In a money no object system, would the silvers simply be overkill?

    Jack R

    1. Hello Jack,

      A larger speaker, in a smaller room will have smaller area in which it can be positioned, due to the ways a larger speaker will interact with room boundaries. A smaller speaker will have a bit more flexibility in this regard. Set up is key and that is what it would come down to in this particular case. Personally, I would select the DeVore Nines for this room size, as I feel their musical prowess would shine great and give you the best flexibility for setup.

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