Shadow & Light

….and crisp cold beer.  Every visit is certain to be relaxed and mellow when dropping by the home of my customer Stephen in Santa Barbara, while wiring up his new audio additions.

In this case, I delivered/installed a beautiful Shindo 301 Player System.

A product that Stephen has dreamt about for years…has finally become reality.


Stephen works extremely hard utilizing his master carpentry skills, restoring homes along the California coast.

At the end of a long day he requires a daily dose of classic blues, rock and soul – both past and present – to set him right.

Has has also recently moved up to a Masseto preamp and Montrachet amplifier, as well.

6 thoughts on “Shadow & Light

  1. Matt,

    Stephen is a good friend of mine and when he told me he had purchased the 301 I knew he would be in audio bliss. A first class guy who has excellent tastes in vinyl deserves this wonderful system that you provided him with. Congrats to you for the beautiful pix and installation of the 301.

    Good listening & happy vinyl hunting.


  2. Thanks guys…

    The Shindo 301 Player System really is a statement purchase. More significant than any purchase except for my first piece of Shindo gear, the mighty little Montille.

    To say that the 301 has exceeded my expectations in every way would be an understatement.

    Until one hears one… one will never know.

  3. I enjoyed Matt’s first post about your system and room setup almost one year ago. Now you have taken significant steps up the Shindo ladder; Congratulations! No question you are already enjoying those moments after work (the “daily dose”) spinning the tunes and LISTENING from the comfort of the Eames. Have fun.

  4. Stephen, I saw the latest iteration of your system on Audio Aficionado. What a tremendous transformation it has gone through. The Shindo 301 is a turntable that I’ve lusted after since hearing it for the first time last year at a Monkeyhaus event hosted by John DeVore. The room looks very nice and inviting. Kick back in the Eames lounge chair and enjoy!


  5. Hi Stephen,

    You have a great looking, and I’m sure great sounding room. Wanted to ask where you acquired your stand that houses your equipment and turntable?

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