Timeless Reflections

Monbrison was the first Shindo product I experienced, years ago, and it’s characteristic musical traits have been deeply implanted within my brain ever since.  Dynamic and full bodied.  Delicate, sweet and finely textured.  A highly celebrated preamp with a balanced and honest portrayal of music.  Timeless.

In production for an incredible 15 years (yes, since 1996!), the Shindo Monbrison has been the illuminated beacon in the Shindo Labs preamp lineup, for those seeking musical perfection without compromise.

über quality tubes included with every Shindo labs product

Built with the same care and attention as his other products costing many times more, the Monbrison offers an incredible linestage as well as moving magnet and moving coil circuit.  MC gain is achieved utilizing a high quality moving coil step up transformer, identical to the one in his flagship products. I guarantee you will be flipping through your records with abandon.

You can be assured each and every Shindo product will retain it’s musical and emotional place within your hifi system for years to come.

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