Moody Blues

I’m greatly impressed by the new Shindo Montille CV391.  It’s been cooking at the shop for a  few weeks now and has shown us it’s true colors.  An effortless, authoritative, bold and tonally rich sound –  it will demand your attention.

20wpc push/pull,  provided by the groovy blue glow of the British CV391 tube, is plenty of power for intelligently designed, efficient speakers.  This amp can rock with the best of them, and have all the all important finesse when you need a touch of tenderness.

Come check it out!  It is a compact powerhouse and a tasty combination with the new DeVore Gibbon 88’s or O/96.  

[Ok, yeah, records next to hot glass – kids don’t try this at home – but I’ll try anything for a photo op!  Click to enlarge.]

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