Shindo D’ Yquem

Ah yes, the flat washed out photo from Shindo Labs.  They do excite, don’t they?  Shindo is unwavering in his convictions, right down to the consistent photograph aesthetic they use to announce product.  What they lack in photographic prowess they more than reconcile in the exciting product announcement visually contain within!

Let’s see what Shindo-San has been working on, shall we?…

D’ Yquem photo courtesy Shindo Labs

Pitch Perfect Audio is proud to be the first to introduce the new Shindo D’ Yquem parallel 300B Single Ended Amplifier, a mono-block design capable of producing a robust 18wpc into 8Ω.

A tiny green-toned elf just mentioned these to me, this morning, so price has not been set.  Further details to follow.

7 thoughts on “Shindo D’ Yquem

  1. Of course, I’m wondering, along with the rest of the Shindo sphere, whose 300B tubes are in these beauties (Western Electric)? And where would these rank on the Shindo scale, above the 300B Ltd’s? Enticing indeed.

  2. Best bottle of wine I ever had was a 1963 d’Yquem. Smooth velvety texture with lots of complex undertones and a firm foundation. Still remember it fondly after 20 years.

    Hope this amp lives up to it’s namesake.

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