Precious Petite

I didn’t think it was possible that someone is more a Dylan fan than I. But it is!  My customer, Richard, recently received a bunch of goodies from Pitch Perfect to enjoy one of his many favorite artists on.

His system is composed of the extraordinary Shindo Petite Latour, Shindo 301 Player System, Giscours preamplifier, Lafon GM70 amplifiers, Mr. T & A23 cables, and the handsome and solid Box Furniture HD3S Equipment Furniture Support.  A good support is integral to the success of the hifi system.

PL Unbox 2

Half the battle installing large systems is actually getting it all into the listening room.  A lot of gear and three flights of stairs tuckers me out – so my next visit will be taking a few photos of the rest of the setup.  Check out the quick photo snaps below, of the speakers and component setup, courtesy of Richard.

Richard has a gorgeous home  – and the room where the equipment resides sounds great as well.  Higher resolution photos will be posted, once I re-visit him to  adjust speaker placement, as the system breaks in a bit.

Richard HiFi
…”Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door”…

Petite Latour sit firmly between the Lafite and the full size  Field Coil Latour Loudspeakers.  A quite extraordinary listening experience and one of the final pieces of the hifi puzzle in a well integrated Shindo Labs music system.

Shindo Petite Latour

18 thoughts on “Precious Petite

  1. I am really amazed by how great this all sounds. I mean I expected great, but this is fantastic! There is no doubt that the combination of Shindo’s amps with highly efficient speakers is far more involving to me than the systems I have had before. Just effortless.

    Bob Dylan has never sounded better, especially playing on the Shindo 301!

    And the speakers themselves are really beautiful. Pictures don’t do them justice.

    I want to thank Matt for being superbly responsive, helpful and informed. You couldn’t ask for a better guide.

    I look forward to the continued improve my as the hours build up, but even now it is just so … musical.

    Thanks again Matt!


  2. While deeply admiring the pictures, one of my co-workers came in to my office. Even though she is not into this “stuff”, I showed the pictures to her anyway. Her reaction was “fabulous” – the entire set-up, in that room, just flat-out works visually and I assume, aurally. “Fabulous” is the right word! Richard and Matt: very well done! jdk

  3. Hmm…looks more like an 19th century drawing room than a room easily adaptable to today’s listening standards. Glass windows on one side,what looks like a flat wall on the other,a fireplace-with a route for the sound to escape-dead center. If you can pull it off,the aesthetics will be forgiven. Looking forward to what you come up with-those speakers may prove quite the challenge.

    1. “Glass windows on one side,what looks like a flat wall on the other…” Seems like this describes many rooms!

      The room sounds great, a combination of the shape, volume, panelling, complex moldings, plaster, wood floor, book cases, etc. Most rooms sound too bright to me.

      I also find the room visually very appealing, which adds to the listening experience, complimenting the beauty of the Shindo gear.

      I am having a Bordeaux now, listening. Shindo makes music.

  4. Todays listening standards are different than yesterdays? Rhetorical, of course.
    Looks great! I bet it sounds at least as good as it looks!

  5. Richard,
    Great looking room, (and oh yeah, nice equipment too,ha ha). I have a similar set up, wood and plaster, speakers on either side of the fireplace and I view it as part of a “musical instrument”. No room tuning necessary. You are fortunate to have it. (AND KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH IT !) and hat’s off to Matt for facillating it.

    Regards and enjoy…….

  6. Congratulations Richard (and Matt), the Petite Latours are amazing loudspeakers, in addition your ancillary equipment are exceptional, a truly world class setup

  7. Gorgeous system….Congrats… 2 questions….First, are the backs of the speakers finished with veneer or are they black? Second, how did you decide between alnico or field coil?

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