abcdefghijk LM n oh yeah!

Pitch Perfect Audio is proud to introduce the LM Audio Silver Series Integrated amps!

What costs the same as an iPhone?…is cooler... and sounds better.

The LM Audio Mini 218 IA of course!  Mini 218 IA is a 3 watt single ended stereo integrated amplifier, utilizing one 12ax7 and EL84 tube per channel.  So cute, you should really buy one for that reason alone.  Heck, buy two. 🙂  Did I mention it doubles as a headphone amp?  Yep.  Oh, the best part, beside the beautiful hammertone paint finish?  It’s only 800 bucks.  The huge high bandwidth output transformers are enough to make most other tube amps blush. Additional details: 1 input, 4 & 8 Ω speaker outputs and tube cage included.

Wiring this up to a pair of LM Audio 755i and DeVore O/96 and it was embarrassingly good on both speakers.  I instinctively knew these products would augment my product listing nicely.  These new integrated amps from LM Audio are ridiculously good, both in sonics and quality of construction and utilize point to point wiring throughout (models above the mini 218IA). Sonically it’s not Shindo  Labs, but they are entirely unique, a joy to use and sonically outrageous for the price.  The build quality is second to none.

LM-211IA – Built in bias meter wired into the EL34, KT88, 845 and 300B Integrated. Neat!

The LM Audio integrated amp lineup is composed of:

218 IA EL84 (3w)Single Ended,  211 IA EL34 Triode(15w)/Ultralinear(32w) switchable,  216 IA KT88 Triode(22w)/Ultralinear(38w) switchable,  218 IA 211 (22w)Single Ended,  210 IA 300B (8w)Single Ended and the monstrous 219 IA 845 (24w)Single Ended Integrated. Inquire for pricing and collect them all. 🙂

LM-218IA …bright lights, big city…

3 thoughts on “abcdefghijk LM n oh yeah!

  1. I just buy the 216 IA integreted amp.
    I really enjoy it.
    I drive it why audio physic yara 2 and vpi scoot turntable.
    Notting to fancy, but sound great and give lot of pleasure.

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