Tower of Power


The Line Magnetic 219 Integrated Amplifier is, perhaps, the greatest integrated tube amplifier you never saw at CES 2014.

The 219 is the top of the heap in the Silver series, and the best integrated amp utilizing the 845 tube that LM Audio manufacturers.

Below, I summarized a few key features of this über amp:

  • Class-A, Single Ended 24 wpc, utilizing the powerful 845 triode tube.
  • 300B driver and 310A input tubes
  • Enormous dual power transformers !
  • Handy illuminated built-in bias meters
  • Illuminated front panel power output meter (with on/off switch)
  • Adjustable negative feedback
  • 3 Line-level inputs
  • Pre-amp input
  • Included remote control adjusts volume
  • Beautiful point to point wired construction
  • 4, 8 & 16 Ω output transformer taps for flexible speaker coupling
  • 30 second soft-start circuit
  • Tube cage supplied

Inquire for pricing and availability.

LM 219 close up

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Additionally,  check out Steve Huff’s awesome review of the Line Magnetic 219 Integrated Amplifier here!

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